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+# Starfield #
+3D starfield simulation. Like the good old Windows screensaver, but in JS and improved.
+To start the animation, just call this function, and (optionally) pass some options to it to configure the animation to your liking. For it to work you should have a canvas object in your document with id #stars.
+ 'max_particles': 500,
+ 'speed': 50,
+ 'step': 2,
+ 'interactive': true,
+ 'color': true,
+### What does each option mean ###
+* max_particles: The amount of stars that appear onscreen at one given moment
+* speed: How fast stars move towards the screen
+* step: If interactive mode is on, how much the speed changes when the mouse wheel is scrolled
+* interactive: If enabled, allows to control the speed of the simulation with the scroll wheel
+* color: Stars are colored instead of white if enabled